Learning Content 2017

Content is typically the biggest concern for a learning organization, and sourcing that content is often a challenge. There is an ocean of content readily available, but how are organizations accessing it? This survey examines the strategies organizations use to source learning content – whether they are building it themselves, or getting it somewhere else. 


Compliance Training 2017

Compliance is an issue that affects every company at least to some degree. For some, it’s simply ensuring employees have met some procedural standard. For others, it's avoiding penalties by keeping in line with the law. And within certain industries, it's a matter of life and death. Failure to execute effectively could result in anything from a sternly written letter to the end of the business. Learning leaders are continually trying to develop ways to make this training more engaging and strategic. This study is aimed at gathering insights from organizations around their activities surrounding compliance and regulatory training. 


Performance Management 2017

Performance management has changed more than any other aspect of human resources in the last decade. The fundamental nature of pay for performance is being challenged, and a rapidly increasing number of organizations are moving away from traditional annual performance reviews and moving toward a continuous conversation model (as seen in the Brandon Hall Group’s Performance Management research in 2016). With all of these changes, how are organizations finding the greatest value in performance management, and what are the challenges they still face? The ultimate goal of performance management is still to improve employee performance, so the processes that work best will be the focus on this year’s survey. 


HCM Technology Spending

Brandon Hall Group invites you to participate in our 2017 HCM Technology Spending Survey across talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development, and workforce management. The primary goals are to provide organizations with benchmarks for HCM technology and implementation costs, as well as contract lengths.