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How can you stand out as the right choice when organizations decide to make a DECISION?

The answer is TotalTech®, our dynamic technology selection tool that allows your prospective clients to have easy access to your comprehensive profile – including your competitive differentiators and unique features – at a touch of a button.

here's how to get started:

To be part of TotalTech®, you first have to complete our research questionnaire – either to update your information or provide it for the first time if you have not been in TotalTech® before. We've improved our process by introducing the following:

  • Streamlined data input process. We’ve converted many questions to simple Yes/No and multiple choice responses. Your team can fill out the questionnaire faster; users can quickly understand your products and services and your competitive differentiators.
  • More robust search engine for prospects to access your information easier and faster.
  • An enhanced reporting capability so prospects can download easy-to-read reports on your products and services.

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